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My friend called asking for a shoot with her and her 3 siblings to surprise their parents for their 60th wedding anniversary!  I was warned cautioned promised that it would be interesting!  They certainly didn’t disappoint!  They picked Roessler Point Gazebo because it would be recognizable to their parents and they had a long family history with this location.


As the date drew near, they learned that some of the grandkids who live elsewhere would be in town at the time of the shoot so this session quickly grew!  I’m definitely a “the more, the merrier” type of person and we had a BLAST!  Both of the sisters tried to get them all lined up and organized!


I’m not sure what the instructions they gave, but this happened!


But then this happened…


And we all know this country girl isn’t afraid to get a little dirty, so we got this too!


When they were trying to figure out what else they wanted to do next, this magic was going on.


I guess the next plan was to line up the kids and throw rocks at them.  lol


Once the large group shots were done, we got smaller family photos.




They were such a fun group and I’m so grateful they picked me for such a special occasion!  We kept it a secret and was able to get their gift printed and delivered on their anniversary!  They were so surprised and I got the sweetest phone call from their mother.  I could have listened to her stories for hours!  Thank you so much for sharing your family with me for a brief moment!


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