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My team and I headed out a couple of weeks ago to find this certain spot.  We found the access after a couple of missed attempts.  I had a feeling what I was searching for was just around the corner, but it would have been impossible to get to with two little kids.  Instead, we played a little.  We had gorgeous scenery, amazing company, and way too much fun for it to be considered a “failure”.  Don’t you think?

Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon Laguna Beach Orange County Blue Lagoon Laguna Beach Orange County

I left my driver’s license where we stopped for lunch so unfortunately, we had to go back.  Luckily, the weather was gorgeous!  And this time we had SUCCESS!

Victoria Beach Victoria Beach

I’m not 100% sold on this quote from Mark Twain.  If you have one you like better, please share.   😉

Victoria Beach Imagination

I’m looking forward to more adventures and discoveries.  It’s amazing what hidden treasures you find when you get out there and explore!

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