Change of Plans | Playa Del Rey Children’s Photographer

This shoot was originally set for Manhattan Beach Pier, but traffic on the 405 and searching for parking didn’t sit well with this sweet princess!  We moved a bit further north to Playa Del Rey and decided on Del Rey Lagoon Park which turned out to be just perfect!  As we were shooting/playing on the swings, a park goer was inspired to come over and ask if I was looking for an assistant to trade for mentorship.  I love being able to mentor new photographers, but please respect that there is a time and place to ask.  While I’m working with clients, is probably not an appropriate time to approach me.  🙂  My focus is on my clients during shoots and discussing employment opportunities is not.  Luckily, my clients found it amusing.  How could I ever take away from this sweet little face!  She needed pushing!


We had a great time watching the sailboats rolling in, playing around the lagoon, swinging, and making me chase her around!


And when she was FINISHED with me, she definitely let me know that we were DONE!  lol


She was such a faker and a trooper!  I love being able to watch her grow up!


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