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I’m fortunate enough to work with a wonderful network of photographers and a few happen to be close friends.  Despite my holiday hiatus, I agreed to take a referral from one of them.  How could I not?  They were in my neighborhood and they’re brand new parents to a beautiful baby boy.  I hope his mama is happy with her sneak peek.  😉  Meet my new friends.

Breastfeeding is such a challenge, but very rewarding.

I’m so grateful these beautiful people asked me into their home and trusted me to photograph these tender moments with their sweet baby.  It was so nice of him to dress for company.  🙂

I can’t resist.  I have to share the expression he has in this next one.  I can only imagine what he must be thinking!  Who’s the cyclops?   Where did those muscles come from?  I bet your imagination could come up with a few guesses.

They had a question for me that I often get asked, “when are good times to photograph baby in the first year”.  I suggest milestones.  Schedule appointments when they sit up, when they start crawling and of course, their one year photos.  😉

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