First grade and Tent City | Graduation Day

Today my kindergartner became a first grader.

There was some singing about the end of the school year and summer beginning.

Not to mention singing about 1st Grade.  🙂

What else do you do after you graduate?  Move out!  And when you graduate kindergarten that means move out into your own living room tent.  🙂

It started out with the contents over chairs until he remembered he still had good ol’ Thomas.  😉

“It’s filled with fluffy stuff.”

Is it obvious that he’s sick of being the kid of a photographer?

Nothing like saying, “hello” from your “front door”.

Skylights are great until you get a peeping Tom and what living room tent would be complete without some entertainment?  Where were iPads when I moved out in kindergarten?

I wonder if he thought of a kitchen in there so he can cook up some dinner!  Hmmmm…probably not so I guess I should get in mine and feed the beasts before they get too unruly.  😉

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