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I’m so excited for spring that I ordered my boys’ outfits for their spring photo shoot a couple of weeks ago.  It started with a lot of negotiating with my oldest.  When I was shooting him at Library Park in El Segundo, I wasn’t prepared for how grown up he would look.


Then, while editing, I decided to leave the dirt on the knee and the scrape on his nose.  I want to hang on to every bit of his 2 yr old goodness for as long as I can.


Being a photographer’s kid can’t be easy by any means and I really feel for him.  So when this started happening, it was time to feed them and reward with a sweet treat, as promised.


We left the park and grabbed some lunch and then, as promised, a trip to Sweet XO in El Segundo!  If you haven’t been to one yet, you must!  The beautiful vibrant colors coordinate well with the sweet treats and gifts.  They also have a super swank lounge where you can enjoy your frozen yogurt/sorbet made on location.



You can’t always be expected to wait to get home let alone get the wrapper off!


There’s also this wonderful bamboo wall with a bench just around the corner.


They’re “whirly pops” so you have to spin them around first.  🙂  Jackson is learning so much from his older brother.

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