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A sweet friend told me that her and her family would be getting together with her in laws in Vegas.  Since it’s not an impossible trip for me to make we quickly made plans to meet up while she’d be on this side of the Mississippi.  A few weeks before she was due to arrive we thought having a shoot with the WHOLE FAMILY would be fun.  I desperately wanted to get Pork Chop in front of my camera and Brett and her husband wanted to do something nice for Ms. Gwyn.  Mothers’ Day is just around the corner.  😉

Brett and I had to rely on her brother-in-law and sister-in-law on location since neither of us lived in the area.  They picked a GORGEOUS location!  The only trouble was that it was cold and extremely windy.  I think we made it work though.  I’ll let you judge.

Now you see why I just had to get him in front of my camera.  When you get a load of where he came from, his adorableness just makes sense!

His GORGEOUS mama loves to blog about their daily (mostly daily) antics and her incredible fitness journey.  She’s an inspiration.

Brett’s sister-in-law also flew out to join in all the fun.  Sweet baby girl, her brother and Pork chop all had matching outfits.

It’s so nice that they all live relatively close to one another.  Nothing like grandparent snuggles.  Just look for yourself!

Interesting little story that I MUST share!  When I first arrived, Mr. Veston asked me whereabouts in Alabama I was from.  I told him I was from a small town near Talladega and he shared with me that they TOO were from a small town near Talladega and asked me which one.  I was so amazed and surely he couldn’t know so I said it was in Calhoun County and he said they were also from Calhoun County…JACKSONVILLE!  I couldn’t believe it!  Of all the photographers they could have had on this trip, they got one that was from the little town right next to them!  Good ol’ Weaver.  This makes two years in a row that I had run ins in Vegas from Calhoun County people.  Last year, it was two friends from my high school (none of us knew we’d all be there until plans had already been made).  My world has definitely gotten cozier and I really couldn’t be happier.

Now I feel that this little collage needs a tiny bit of explaining.  This park had several peacocks and this particular fella hung around our little area.  While I was taking the shot of the grandparents with their grandbabies, Mr. Veston had to warn Grandma that the peacock was just on the other side of the tree from her!

She is nothing but class!  That dastardly bird was going to sneak up BEHIND her, but she lured him in head on.  Baby girl just had to get a closer look.

I guess he thought he was pretty special.  😉

Thanks for all the fun, everyone and I hope to see you all when I’m back home visiting.  Maybe next time we could try Oxford Lake.  😉

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